HealthDatix initiates pilot program with West Florida Health Network

SMITHTIOWN, NY-(Marketwire-August 17, 2017) - iGambit Inc. (OTCBB: IGMB) is pleased to announce that the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, HealthDatix, Inc. has entered into a pilot program with West Florida Health Network (WFHN), which is a Community Integrated Network (CIN).

The West Florida Health Network has been selected by two large Tampa Bay healthcare systems to be their provider of choice for their employee health benefit plans.

HealthDatix will provide the online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) tool to facilitate the implementation of the HRA and provide WFHN the data analytics on their employee population. Additionally, HealthDatix will provide a Personal Preventive Plan (PPP) to the employee and their dependents to assist in maintaining a healthy life style.

The two health systems have approximately 22,000 covered lives.

The response from the Health Care Providers has been very positive. In order to best deal with the number of inquiries, HealthDatix has deemed it necessary to form two distinct vertical platforms to best serve its clientele:


-Traditional Medicare,

-Managed Service Organization (MSO)

-Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

- Medicare Advantage Plan (MAP)



- Commercial Payors

- BlueCross, BlueShield, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna (BUCA’s)

- Self Insured

- Private Pay

- Third Party Administrators (TPA)

Our focus is on developing a strong distribution platform by working with both Vendor Partners and Channel Partners to facilitate the implementation of both the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) program, and the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) program.

The HealthDatix sales team has focused on the private commercial market, extending its platform to facilitate providing self- insured markets with a system to capture the data to augment their organizations wellness programs.

Wellness programs are using the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to keep health care costs under control and to gain a better understanding of their employee’s health risks so that they can choose the health issues on which to focus their wellness programs.

The WellDatix application is the only HRA application that provides the employer with the data analytics on their entire population and a Personalized Preventive Plan (PPP) for their employee’s, thus providing an incentive for the employee to complete the HRA and the employer to effectively control healthcare costs.

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