iGambit Announces Acquisition of Hub Centrix, Inc. A Leading Provider of Healthcare Technology

SMITHTOWN, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 15, 2017) - iGambit Inc. (OTCQB: IGMB) announced that on February 14, 2017 it acquired HubCentrix, Inc. (HubCentrix) via a Stock Exchange Agreement.

A copy of the Form 8-K report may be accessed at www.sec.gov.

HubCentrix will initially operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of iGambit and the name will be changed to HealthDatix Inc. ("HealthDatix").

iGambit also hopes to close on the acquisition of CyberCare Health Division from EncounterCare Solutions, Inc. ("ECSL") within the next thirty (30) days. The Letter of Intent entered into with ECSL was previously announced on August 15, 2016.

A copy of the Form 8-K report may be accessed at www.sec.gov

The acquisition of HubCentrix and the CyberCare Health Network Chronic Care Management System provides a new and unique opportunity for physicians to identify patients eligible for both "Annual Wellness Visits" as well as "Chronic Care Management" both of which are reimbursed by Medicare.

The goal of HealthDatix will be to identify the patient's eligibility for Medicare reimbursed doctor visits to access and assist in the well-being and cultivation of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally HealthDatix will be able to provide an FDA approved, Medicare covered platform, for continuous management of chronic care patients. Our continuous care platform will be tailored for individual care and health management of patients susceptible to chronic illness. This will include CyberCare's wearable medical watch.

John Salerno, Chairman of iGambit, stated: “We are very pleased to have this new business opportunity which we believe will increase our stockholders value. Our management team and advisors are very accomplished at introducing and administering rapid growth technology services. We anticipate that our exciting newly combined entity HealthDatix, will have the professionals in place to competently deal with the accelerated growth curve necessary to meet the needs of physician community throughout the country.”

Jerry Robinson, President of HubCentrix, stated that he is excited to team up with the management group at iGambit. “The combined management team will consolidate to provide an extremely focused group effort to plan and execute corporate strategies for HealthDatix moving forward. My personal background is in marketing management as well as product launch, two areas that I am truly excited to bring to our new products rollout. One of the HealthDatix goals will be to initiate a progressive and effective marketing campaign to introduce our newly combined services to the healthcare marketplace and insurance industry.”

About HubCentrix: is located in St. Petersburg, Florida and serves clients throughout the U.S. The company has been at the forefront of web-based collaboration and digital asset management. HubCentrix has a special expertise in streamlining the process of capturing and managing information in the document-intensive medical field.

About iGambit Inc.: iGambit (OTCBB: IGMB) is a fully reporting publicly-held company. iGambit (OTCQB: IGMB) is a fully reporting publicly-held company. We are a diversified company pursuing specific technology strategies and objectives. These objectives have included, among others, the acquisition of early-stage technology companies with strong growth potential easily recognized in the public arena. We believe that the back-ground of our management and of our Board of Directors in the technology markets is a valuable resource that makes us a desirable business partner. We expect to work to assume an active role in the development and growth of the new company, providing both strategic guidance and operational support. The management of iGambit believes that it can leverage its collective expertise to help position the combined company to produce high-margin, recurring and predictable earnings and generate long-term value for our stockholders. For more information, please visit www.igambit.com. Information on our web-site does not comprise a part of this press release.

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