Dr. Alan Iezzi, M.D. a graduate of the University of Tampa completed his medical training and residency program through Rutgers University. He has been Board Certified in Family Medicine and for the past 33 years has practiced in Tampa, Florida. In addition, he has served as Chief of Family Medicine for several Bay area hospitals and is Chief Medical Office (CMO) of Endeavor Plus, Inc., a company which provides cost-savings for healthcare and health insurance. 


He is also the founder and President of ASTAT Practice Management, Inc. and Chief Medical Officer for Patient Directed Care, Inc. 


As President and founding member of Lancet Indemnity, a medical malpractice defense insurance company, Dr. Iezzi has had extensive experience in the insurance needs of physicians concerning liability coverage and risk management issues. Due to his experience, he currently serves on several insurance company committees related to medical outcomes and peer review.


Dr. Iezzi has also served as Chairman for the Advisory Committee for the Medical Assistants Program at the Erwin Technical College in Tampa, Florida.


He is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians Association, and has been a member of the American College of Physician Executives and the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. In 2006, he was named Hillsborough County Business Partner of the Year and in 2009, Family Physician of the Year.


In 2016, Dr. Iezzi was among a group of physician leaders who worked together with West Florida Health, Inc. to design a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) that brought together hospitals and their community physician partners. They created West Florida Health Network, LLC (WFHN) where Dr. Iezzi presently serves as board chair. Florida Hospital has selected WFHN as the provider network of choice for their employee health benefit plans.


In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Iezzi collaborates with healthcare professionals and the general business community to streamline and restructure the health care system.  He actively participates in a multitude of health care related professional and community activities, such as teaching programs with local universities. In addition, he founded a church-based nursing program.


He and his wife, Carol, have two daughters. He is an avid tennis player and continues to fine tune his game. He enjoys swimming, gardening, playing the mandolin and traveling the world with his family.